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What does this mean: Jeff Sessions Will Lose the GOP’s Battle Over Weed?

  • Gypsyfish

This is an example of the Republican's desire to control people's lives. They say they're for small government and less government interference with people's lives, but they want to tell women what to do with their bodies, and tell people whether they can smoke marijuana, who they can marry, etc.

  • ?

It means just what it says, lack of thinking dumbass.

  • ?

It means that his opinion about weed is unpopular. Most likely the only reason he wants to keep weed illegal is because he's being lobbied by private prison corporations, and by pharmaceutical companies who don't want cannabis legalized because they're worried if will hurt their businesses. Hopefully he will lose the battle. legalizing cannabis would create more jobs and keep lots of people out of prison

  • Anonymous

Smoke em if you got em.