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The use of 'if' and 'however'?

Is this sentence grammatically correct?

  • Bobby Jim

Add a comma between "it" and "however." You might wish to consider replacing "however" with "regardless of how."

  • busterwasmycat

however as in "without regard to" is an acceptable usage. I personally would like a comma before the however: If you cannot make it, however much you try, then...

  • LC Instructor


  • Anonymous

Yes. Using "however" in that context is just another way of saying "no matter".

  • Gwyn

Yes, that's fine.

  • ?

Sure. Ican also be read: When, no matter how...

  • ?

Say it out loud loudly, it sounds better if you say "If you cant make it no matter how hard you practice, you had better rest for a while." I personally have never heard however used that way. Im not sure whether or not thats grammatically correct.

  • Lib.rare.ian

Yes, it's correct.

  • yet-knish!


  • bluebellbkk

This is perfectly correct. I'm surprised at the number of people who seem not to have seen 'however' used this way; could it perhaps be a UK / US thing?