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Any good post graduate jobs where the pay is good and someone can climb up the ladder to gain more money that require little to no study?

I have heard welding is a good option. I will be graduating from high school, I have decent grades but honestly I’m not much into studying nor school. I have heard there are jobs that require little to no study that will make you big money and also where they’re possibilities to “scale up”, College just seems too...

  • StarShine

Most welding positions require some sort of schooling as you need to learn techniques and problem solving with the welding, not to mention the metallurgy behind what you're doing if you want to advance past being a floor worker. If you don't understand what you're doing, you can't do it well. Most welding employers will require you to pass a test (an actual weld coupon that will be x-rayed or bent) before they will hire you. This will be a part of your interview if they're interested in hiring you. The coupon could be any of several methods in any of several positions depending on what you would actually be doing on the job.

  • ?

Good God, I hope not. Why would we pay someone a lot of money to perform work that does not require knowledge and study?

  • Anonymous

have you considered a career in the commuter railroad industry ? many entry level jobs , union wages .

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Apparently you can get any job with any high pay salary you want as long as you're white so your resume it's recommended that you hilight your name to ensure the employers sees that you're white. This will give you a better chance to securing a job in any industry.

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The term "post-graduate" refers to study beyond a bachelor's degree, which is paradoxical with your "little to no study" requirement.