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Is it appropriate for a student to write an e-mail to their teacher complaining about a mark that they think is undeserved?

  • Regina

Of course! There is nothing wrong with discussing that matter. There is nothing inappropriate about this. If the student was offering something in return for a better grade then that would be considered inappropriate and if not then it's perfectly fine!! :)

  • sir_brettley

I would talk to them in person.

  • ?

It is never okay to complain about a mark they think they deserve. Talk to your teacher to get some help. Just don't email them about your mark because you're the student not the teacher.

  • bluebellbkk

It is never 'appropriate' for a student to 'complain' about a mark. But a student may certainly ASK their teacher to help them understand why the mark is lower than they expected.

  • elj2017c

Better to talk to the teacher in person.

  • DCM5150

No, If you think the grade is undeserved talk to the teacher IN PERSON and have an actual conversation.

  • Gypsyfish

Complaining? Inappropriate and ineffective. Do you have evidence? If you can list the grades you've made throughout the semester and ask what brought your grade down, that might get you an answer. It's very easy for teachers to ignore email. If the teacher is still around, it's much more effective to make an appointment and discuss it face to face.

  • Anonymous

it's usually futile

  • ?

It is appropriate for a student to ask a teacher to review his grade. I would not complain. Perhaps you should ask the teacher to explain the reasoning for the grade. Once you know the reasoning, you may realize the grade IS deserved.

  • ?

No. I don't think so.