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What will atheists say to Jesus when he throws them into hell to burn for eternity?

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I will say this

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To hell with you, Jesus! Then Jesus will come with me to hell and bear my cross.

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If an Atheist goes to Hell I don't know what he will say. What is more interesting to me is what a person will say if he believes he is a Christian and that he is "saved" will say to Jesus if Jesus sends him to Hell. This could happen if the "Christian" has not read, believed and acted upon, the scriptures in Matthew 25:31-46; but has instead listejned to the many "false prophets" that are on the Earth today. I also worry about myself because nowhere in the Bible doe Jesus say, "Once saved always saved." No, Jesus said, "Those who endure to the end will be saved." God bless you all.

  • Diogenes

That's not going to happen -- but if I should be wrong, I'd surely remind Jesus that relentless threats of eternal torture from countless authoritarian Christian psychopaths was precisely what drove me to become an atheist.

  • Jesus is LORD.

Father is that you? and "Will keep your promise to kick the a$$es of all the lying Christians talking about somebody getting burned for eternity.!?

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Do you have any sunscreen?

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Hell is not a place of eternal fiery torment, Hell is just the common grave of mankind. People who die, regardless of race or belief are acquitted of their sins and have an opportunity to be resurrected and gain everlasting life. People alive at Armageddon if faithful, obedient servants of the True God who are exercising faith in Christ Jesus will survive, those in opposition to god will be destroyed, those who have hate in their hearts will be destroyed.

  • Corvus Blackthorne

So that is what you use as proof? Idle threats?