Question #36264

I need a opensource/free server software which allow mee the functionality of "teamviewer" or "anydesk"?

-it shoud have client for windows pc etc

  • deboerdn2000

vnc but that requires port forwarding to that machine. if your looking for a cheap solution for remote support then teamviewer like you said works well. the more expensive ones are logmein rescue, bomgar remote support, splashtop where you can just email the user a link and they can click it and bring up remote support without having to deal with firewalls and routers. .

  • Tracy L

All "server software" provides for the ability for Windows to connect! Linux, is still the number one server base in use on the internet. Teamviewer does not even "require" server software to work! It is a "REMOTE DESKTOP" system. Meaning it IS a "server" in and of itself!

  • Robert J

UltraVNC will do what you want; VNC is a standard system and there are programs for all operating systems.