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Which cat breed is more common?

Domestic longhair or domestic shorthair?

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I don't know when Jason was brought back into the group. I was just aware that somehow he got back in. Sorry, I can't really answers these particular questions.

  • J C

Long fur is recessive, so short hair domestics are much more common. They aren't really a breed though - they are they are the cat that Nature created. Most cats in the world aren't breeds - they are these natural cats. In the UK they are called "moggies"!

  • ?

You see way more DSH in shelters and feral cats, however it’s a hair type not really a breed.

  • Love my Newf

Definitely more shorthaired domestics than longhaired. But neither are a breed. They are the ABSENCE of breed and make up over 97% of cats.

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