Question #4024

How many Trump supporters would admit they became huge police supporters after they started mowing down unarmed Blacks?

I have friends that are police officers. Being Anti-Bad Cops, does not make you Anti-All Cops.

  • Phobos

You do realize that unarmed Black people get shot by other Black cops way more often than a "Racist White Cop" shooting an unarmed Black person. You can shove your race baiting up your a*s, or rather "Mow down".

  • Nick

As a Police Officer. No one should ever think one of the first things we do when signing on

  • The Lord Humungus.

After they started?

  • BlackAdder

We've always supported the police...except when they do something wrong. That has never changed. And that's the difference between folks like you and us. We are able to recognize the difference and don't simply throw a tantrum every time something we don't like SEEMS to have happened.

  • Anonymous

You are really racist garbage.