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How to clean the area where lizard roams or falls.?

Hello guys, how to clean the area where that light brown house lizard have roamed as they carry germs. Any chemical for cleaning. And also if it falls on our body.

  • Logan

If so I doubt anyone would notice

  • English Guy

Trolls are the fault of Yahoo. They make no attempt to read reports about them and allow them to get away with murder. The same small group have nearly emptied paranormal section.

  • Annonnymouse

what do you mean? yahoo answers will stay here

  • Anonymous

There's been no word of that happening. It wouldn't make sense to 'phase it out'. If Verizon decides to get rid of it, it'll be operating one day, and gone the next (we might get advance warning...or not). I'm hoping they just haven't gotten around to dealing with it yet, and intend to keep and improve it (clearly it's not a priority for them).

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  • Katz22

Maybe. A lot of the categories have few new questions. The most activity seems to be in the sections of religion and politics, 2 subjects where it is useless to argue. There are a lot of nasty trolls in both of those sections.

  • daniel g

Sounds like house geckos and really very low risk of bacteria.

  • Mrs. Frankenstein

Are you talking about a lizard that's not a pet? Use anything you want that has a disinfectant, like 405 bleach cleaner or Lysol.