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Isn't "of course" such a weird saying?

It makes no sense to me. I know that it basically means yes but how did we even come up with this saying??

  • ♥Sahar♥

English language is rather old.

  • John P

No more weird than a hundred other expressions which are used in everyday speech in English.

  • Siri Meier

It's not an exclusively English saying, and no more weird than 'natürlich' (German: naturally/of course) or 'bien sûr' (French: of course).

  • d_r_siva

From literal meaning "of the ordinary course of events". The oldest attestation as "of course" is from the 1540s; the form "by course" (then spelled "bi cours") dates to about 1300

  • Simon

No, not really.

  • Gigapie

You could easily look up the history of this phrase in a good dictionary such as the OED.

  • tentofield

"Of course" means "following on from that". Of course words and phrases change their meanings over time and words get used wrongly. Some people use "of course" to mean a simple "yes" just as others use "absolutely" to mean the same thing. It might be silly to do so and shows a paucity in the understanding of words but most people use both phrases correctly. Of course I could be wrong.

  • ?

of course it’s a weird saying

  • Quentin


  • ?

No not really.