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Does 'being caught red handed' and 'being caught in the act' mean the exact same thing? Also is it only a wrong doing?

  • Pearl L

i think so

  • Filled with God

Possibly not

  • ?

Being caught red-handed means catching somebody else doing something wrong, like if someone caught you stealing money out of the till, and it wouldn't have to be while you were doing it but maybe they caught you because you had some checks made out to the store in your pocket, which would still be being caught red-handed. Being "caught in the act" means catching someone while they are doing it and doesn't necessarily mean that it was wrong, like if you walked in on your parents having sex.

  • Sandy

"Caught red-handed" usually refers to doing something wrong.

  • Mamawidsom

They are not exactly the same, but often could be used interchangeably. "In the act" means exactly that -- caught while actively engaged in an action. "Red-handed" comes from the concept that a person who has committed a murder would have red blood on their hands. Red-handed has come to mean that the person was caught will irrefutable evidence, similar to the term "smoking gun." The person was not caught in the act but shortly after.