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My school doesn’t allow cellphones what should I do?

I’m a freshman in high school, soon to be a sophomore and I have been going to this school for like 4 months because we moved and I hate this school, they don’t allow cellphones. This school reminds me like the freaking 70s or something, if they catch us with a cellphone they will confiscate It so I have to leave...

  • drip

Oh the horrors.

  • Anonymous

Sounds like you moved from a wealthy district which can afford to give students their own phones and Ipads to a poor one which can't even afford computers for the library, much less anything else. And you'll have to adapt your learning style accordingly. It's going to take some getting used to on your part, but you'll adapt eventually. And knock off with the "I hate school" crap. It's not going to kill you to learn how to do things the old fashioned way, with real books, notebooks, and paper instead of your phone. The reason the school doesn't want you using your phone is because it's antisocial and a major distraction that interferes with LEARNING, which is what you are being sent to school to DO in the first place. You aren't there to have fun, pal. You're there to LEARN. So suck it up and deal with it. You can play on your phone later, after your school work and chores are done.

  • ?

You can survive a day without your eyes glued to your phone, what would you need it for? You're at school to learn; not to text your friends or update your status on facebook. People back before technology adapted well, so can you.

  • Anonymous

There's a reason students aren't in charge in a school. You're there to learn from your elders.

  • Pearl L

not much you can do about it but leave your phone at home so they dont take it from you

  • KaleyK

Here is what you do: recognize that billions of people ... literally billions ... lived a happy human life without a cellphone. It's not a necessity in life.

  • ?

Follow the rules.

  • JoJo Potatoes

This is good it will teach you to think for yourself instead of relying on your phone all day