Question #44840

Since SciFi Channel changed to SyFy to include Fantasy, why not SyFyHo?

The SyFy website claims to be Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror News, so SyFyHo makes more sense.

  • Steven S

Yes, but adding “ho” to the end gives it an X rated sound.

  • chorle

I thought they changed it to Siffy to play more wrestling

  • Athena

Why the channel at all?

  • ?

Because the owner that bought it and changed its name by those stupid a$$ed standards was never all that smart in regards to sci fi to begin with.

  • Elaine M

Too long, they don't want to do a remake of their advertising and logo either.

  • The Lord Humungus.

Because horror is a subcategory of Fantasy.

  • Anonymous

They changed their name because "sci fi" is a generic term. They couldn't copyright or trademark it. Therefore they created "Syfy", for legal reasons.

  • ?

They should do some cooking shows as well, so that they can call it "SyFyPie", etc.

  • Cogito

Why aren't you bright enough to just accept it's so, without having to rename it?

  • runningman022003

I wish...I often fantasize about sci fi ho's.