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Is there any way to make my character 14?

I am writing a story. The character's birthday is May 14, 2003. They need to be 14 by January 7, 2017. They were born 4 months premature (Due date was 9/4/2003) because I was trying to make them 14. The character's age is important to the story. If anyone can figure this out, it would be super great.

  • Banana

just change the date of birth because Yukon can't change math

  • Elaine M

You counted back 14 years, I think you already answered your own question.

  • Huh?

If it matters that much, change the date of birth to suit the age you want for your character.

  • Andrew

It never ceases to amaze me that these young amateur wannabe "writers" will agonise over these idiotic trifles (their characters' first name, middle name, surname, nickname, age, birthday, hair and eye colour, personality traits, etc.), but they never give a toss about improving their own capabilities as writers.

  • Filled with God

Quite possibly so.

  • Par 4

Seems like you can't have your cake and eat it too in this scenario

  • Paladin

change the date of birth to May 14, 2002

  • ?

Of it was a sci-fi fiction it has to have something related to time travel, if it is realistic, only a lie could do that.

  • ?

If the character's age is so important, change their birthday or the date the story takes place.

  • Athena

If it is important to the story then change the birthday