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Why is there not more enthusiasm for the robot/AI industrial revolution?

Did you forget?

  • Chances68

I think most people reasonably have concerns about machine intelligence.

  • lonewolf

Fear that it may happen maybe.

  • ?

So you can ask this question. As for your update 2: it will take away jobs from people that do repetitive tasks. As for Update 3: "compensate people"? If they don't have jobs, do you REALLY think that companies will just hand money out to non-employees out of the goodness of their hearts?

  • Kt Skycat

Maybe it is something we really do not want. Now that a lot of jobs are being computerized, more humans are unemployed and living in poverty conditions as a result. It turns out that humans DO want to do the work of being doctors, fixing cars, and being secretaries answering phones and making appointments! It turns out that humans DO want to be interested and invested and engaged in sewing clothes and blankets, growing food, and driving our own cars! So maybe the "AI revolution" is something we really do not want.

  • tham153

we are still in the midst of it, and the full effects are not yet felt, nor are the ultimate consequences yet visible

  • Squidmaster

Because it has a number of side effects to take into consideration.