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Why didn’t Henry VIII have any more children with his later wives?

  • Mercury

He was not up to it.

  • Anonymous

Because he was too old and couldn't get it up and Viagra wasn't available back in them days.

  • Marli

Who knows? One theory is in the article in the below. It may account for the miscarriages and stillbirths Catherine and Anne suffered. Another is that Henry lost potency as he aged. Anne's brother George Boleyn was asked at his trial if Anne had told him that the King could not maintain an erection. His obesity would have been a factor too. There was also the effect of stress on his libido, and perhaps on his sperm development. Henry wanted a legitimate son.

  • Scorleo

He didn't with Anne of Clever because he didn't like her, he didn't with Katherine Howard out if chance in addition to him having difficulty 'performing', which brings us on to Catherine Parr which was for the same reason pretty much and also at that point I think he'd given up and it was longer a priority

  • cindy

He did with his third wife but his son died.

  • K. Orrez

The common opinion is something was wrong with his reproductive plumbing.

  • Anonymous

He became ill and ended up with syphilis.

  • tham153

believed to be sterile from syphilis

  • Anonymous

He probably had fertility problems. He was also older when he married his last several wives. Catherine of Aragon got pregnant several times but had a horrifying series of stillbirth and miscarriages as well as crib deaths. Only one of her children (Queen Mary) survived. While the miscarriages would have been due to Catherine's biology the trouble conceiving, and the lack of boys, would have been down to Henry

  • Elaine M

Low sperm count. You'll notice that his mistresses didn't have kids either.