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Why is John Steinbeck such a respected literary figure?

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Why NOT? He wrote better stories than a lot of "best-sellers."

  • They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Do you realize how tough it is to be a great writer who can write both comedy and drama?

  • The Lord Humungus.

Because if authors were body parts, he'd be ****.

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beats me - it appears the more depressing your stories the more it impresses people

  • Lili

For the same reason that any writer becomes a respected literary figure: he wrote great novels.

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Because, apparently, he did awfully good impressions of "a man walking against a very strong wind" and "a man who can't pick up his fallen hat because he keeps kicking it out of reach". People loved him for that, and I can't blame them. Those are my favourite things as well, you see. What a guy.

  • Andrew

John Steinbeck is right up there with "man's man" writers like Jack London and Ernest Hemingway. All three were a major driving force in American Literature. They wrote strong, authentic, believable, deep, complex characters and crafted meaningful stories that dealt with the fundamentals of life and death and weren't afraid to show the beauty that there is to be found in people and in the world, nor did they shy away from the pain and the horror and the ugliness that there is to humanity and to the world we live in. Perhaps he wasn't the master prose stylist that some other American authors were, such as Hawthorne, but there was an undeniable sense of honesty in everything the man ever wrote.