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How much racism against black people was in the Wild West? (1860-1910 around there)?

  • Foofa

Surprisingly little as the "Wild West" was a place where runaway and freed slaves could go to blend in with the general population and get a fair shot at life. No western state was chartered as a slave state and what is now Beverly Hills, CA used to be an orange grove owned by a black man. The real racial animus in the western states was against Native Americans.

  • Kevin7

There was a lot of racism against Blacks in the west (Jim Crow laws),but the West was usually more liberal toward Blacks than in the South

  • All hat

I think the thing to consider is how racism starts. You go to a new land, discover new people and it's all up in the air. Hello, who are you? Are you friendly? Hostile? Wanna be friends? If you start to have bad experiences with the new people, you come to dislike them, fear them, avoid them. Like with pit bull dogs, as another example with animals instead of people. But the same thing applies. Oh, there's dogs. This one is loving and nice, that one bites people's faces off. Guess which one is liked, and which one is feared?

  • Chances68

Depends on where you are talking about, but sufficed to say that there was a good deal of racism against blacks pretty much anywhere in that time frame, and blacks had no political or legal voice, either.

  • Marli

An interesting question to research. I wish you well in your reading. I suspect there were fugitive slaves who escaped to the Indian Territory, as well as free settlers who went there for free land or had the purchase price or. went to be hired by a rancher or a gold or silver miner. There were the "Buffalo Soldiers" of the U.S. Army. There were their families and the prostitutes and the wash-women. "Minstrel shows" too. [The miners enjoyed Oscar Wilde's lectures on the aesthetic life, so they must've stomped and clapped to hear lively tunes.] I'm sure there are references to Black American experiences in the West, even if they have to be worked out of the texts with a magnifying glass and a Bowie knife.

  • Tishebee

Blacks were slaves then, so how much out of control racism do you think the Wild West imposed on blacks back then?

  • Jay R

2/3 or the cowboys in the old west were black and Mexican. The Hollywood depiction of whites being the only ones is false and eurocentric.

  • ?

A WHOLE LOT MORE than there is anywhere any more.

  • L. E. Gant

There was more xenophobia than actual racism.

  • bobBwilder

How to quantify? Probably about the usual amount.