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Why was naval power so decisive in the pacific theater.?

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The Pacific is an ocean. Mostly water, hence maritime and naval.

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you got 2 countries at war separated by 9000 miles of water - thats why

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Because the Pacific theater is almost entirely ocean.

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Trade and supply lines.

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The Navies of the time needed to provide military transport from battlefield to battlefield, as well as a range of fighting ships, aircraft carriers and submarines. Aircraft Carriers gave much needed support in invasions giving invading troops cover and destroying targets before the soldiers had to face them. Both Japan and the US had very high quality ships and it was only the fact that the US broke the Japanese naval code that gave the US navy the edge they needed to surprise the Japanese and catch them less prepared. The Battle of Midway was the battle that broke the power of the Japanese navy because the US had broken the Japanese codes and knew the surprise attack that Japan was planning which was supposedly going to destroy the US Navy. The Americans found the Japanese firstbut the real break came when US dive bombers caught the Japanese aircraft carriers with planes being refuelled and rearmed on deck. With all the bombs and fuel above deck the Japanese aircraft carriers were sitting ducks and were soon ablaze. After the battle what was left of the Japanese fleet limped back to Japan never to be strong enough again to be a serious threat in the Pacific for the rest of the war.

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Armies can't swim.

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It interfered with the supply lines of the Japanese Army. From 1943, Japanese troops suffered from a shortage of supplies, especially food, medicine, munitions, and armaments, largely due to submarine interdiction of supplies, and losses to Japanese shipping, which was worsened by a longstanding rivalry with the Imperial Japanese Navy. The lack of supplies caused large numbers of fighter aircraft to become unserviceable for lack of spare parts, and "as many as two-thirds of Japan's total military deaths [to result] from illness or starvation".

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Maybe a peek at a map would give you a shred of a clue.

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Because the pacific theater was mostly small islands spread out across a big ocean