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Did you know that parts of Russia once bordered the United States?

I think a lot of Americans need a refresher course on their geography education because they still think that Russia is thousands and thousands of miles away when really they are just off our coast line of Alaska and it's islands.

  • John P

Indeed Russia owned Alaska until 1867, if my memory serves me well. And Russia still "borders" the USA by being not far across the Bering Strait facing Alaska.

  • ?

I knew the detail from childhood, the Bering Strait separates the two countries by about 55 miles so they are

  • ?

Yeah, the Russian River in California.

  • Anonymous

Pretty sure that the Russians were there long before the United States reached that far west.

  • ?

Yes I did know that Alaska was once Russian territory which the US bought off Russia in 1867. Bet the Russians during the cold war wished they had still owned it to put their early nuclear missiles right near the US

  • Athena

It still does.

  • Elaine M

We bought Alaska from them.

  • Walter B

Alaska was part of Russia and was sold to the US. There are a number of islands in the Bering Strait, just off Alaska, that are extremely close. Most people should know that.

  • Filled with God

Possibly not

  • Classical Liberal

What a weird question, man... A yes or no?

  • Anonymous

I bet they regret that sale...