Question #4499

Why would a trusted member of the Yahoo Answers Community report my answer to this question?

Fortunately, upon appeal, my answer was reinstated — and actually selected for Best Answer.

  • Anonymous

Reporter trolls will report anything, and there is no way to know how many accounts reported any content. Many of us have had valid questions or answers dropped due to the malicious behavior. Congrats on your win. The more appeals that are won, the less influence the accounts that did the reporting will have. Keep up the good work!

  • .

Reporter trolls will report anything, and there is no way to know how many accounts reported any content. Many of us have had valid questions or answers dropped due to the malicious behavior.

  • Daniel

Not Everyone Reports Correctly there are some that Falsely Report other people since you Appealed and Won they will be Punished as a Result of your Successful win they have Less of a Chance next time as they lose there Credibility

  • ?

Yes it does make you wonder about these "Trusted members" who report answers they do not want showing up as it goes against their own beliefs. I have had several answers reported by these special people but on appeal most of my answers were reinstated. A couple of them were judged by the asker as the best answer before the answer was reported by the "trusted member". When the answer is reinstated Yahoo say the reporting member loses some of their power to report answers.

  • Eisbär

I've had about 3 "best answers" get somehow reported and removed, when they were on innocuous topics, like genealogy, and were informative and had sources. I've never had a genealogy answer reported, but then I got a firestorm of my answers reported, including my recent genealogy one that got best answer, and in no way was a violation. All of them got reinstated, but it could be that you have a stalker that you rubbed the wrong way, and they decided to troll you and report you with their multiple troll accounts, as I don't think you can get an answer removed by just one person. And when it happened to me, it was within a short time span, and I was very confused, because I rarely get my answers reported, and I've been a contributor for a very long time. This person went so far to look up old questions of mine, and report ones from like 7 years ago even. I mean, they went on a rampage. So I appealed all of them, and then in the Yahoo Answers help section, I asked if anybody else had a firestorm of reported questions for no reason, including ones previously chosen as best answer, and got an enlightening response from another user about it, and they said that there's definitely people on this site that do crap like that, especially if you're a high level and also if you are in contentious categories a lot where people can get obsessed over something you probably don't even realize because there's just people on here sometimes who are totally crazy. I don't report people unless they're clearly trolls themselves and the question is just disgusting and heinous, or they keep asking it over and over like a petulant child but even then, I don't really bother reporting most of them, I let others do it. But there's some people on here, that will report you, just because they don't like you for whatever reason. They probably have no life and have serious anger management issues.

  • Pearl L

cause he or she didnt like your answer and it dont matter if its a good answer or not, they will report it anyways, thats why its always good to appeal it

  • Anonymous

My answer was also reported and deleted to that same question. Like you I appealed and my answer was reinstated. There are some here who like to move and report questions. Not everyone can be called a trusted member here.

  • BlueChief

The thing is, this site is full of trolls and I think if your answer gets reported enough it could automatically be removed even if it is not against the guidelines, so that might be what happened as the question you answered was also about this topic, so some trolls might have been reporting you just cause you took the side of the asker. But I'm not 100% sure, just what I think could have happened.

  • Variable 46

There are many reasons someone would report your answer, but none of them are valid. The three most likely are that