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How to get a dog to eat?

I’ve been dog sitting for my mom and sense she’s got here all Flower(the dog’s name) does is sleep and the crying. She won’t take walks and she wouldn’t eat anything yesterday and hasn’t eaten anything yet today. How do I get her too eat something?

  • Garrett

Well you have to deal with it-- and did not think the whole thing through when you signed that lease. She has no job, but you moved in with her? Means you are going to support her. So resign yourself to it but don't let her take any more advantage of you.

  • kim

Go to the vet or at least call tech at animal hospital.

  • nonwun8

Forcefeed him.

  • Anonymous

Jiggle her scalp

  • a

Get that dog some exercise! As much as you can. I agree with the other answers that say s/he is feeling anxious due to being separated from your mom. There is nothing like real fatigue to get a dog (or a person for that matter) out of one's head and into the body. And surely its body is ready to eat! Dogs also like to work a bit to "earn" things. My dogs will ignore a fresh bowl of high quality kibble but absolutely go to town on any stray bits that end up under the furniture or that I'm trying to sweep up. I would maybe hide a little food somewhere in your house so the dog could enjoy hunting it down. One of my dogs will get interested in food if he licks a little off my fingers. Once he starts eating, he will continue til he's done. Don't know if that will work on fingers that don't belong to his beloved but it's worth a try. Good luck!

  • Dancing Imu

As long as she is getting adequate water, Flower should be okay. She will eventually get hungry and eat. Try to give her doggie treats, even people food if it helps her. As others have said, see if you can get something with your mom's scent on it.

  • The First Dragon

I expect the dog is anxious because of being away from her owner.

  • helping_people

She is telling you something is wrong... Go to the VET

  • Tarkarri

My dogs will hunger strike for over 48 hours if I am not the one feeding them. Usually by day 3 they will eat something. I have never left them with anyone more than 4 days and that was in an emergency.

  • Belgian Nut

Your dog's obviously not used to or doing well with her owner being gone. As long as the dog's drinking water, don't worry about it. The dog will eat when it gets hungry enough. Don't stress the dog out about eating because then she'll for sure not eat.

  • Anonymous

Take her to the VETS!