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Worried he isn't telling the truth...?

Been seeing each other for six months, it had been long distance. But he moved back to the same city as me a few weeks ago. It's been really great. We both work full time but he always spends the weekend with me, Friday-Sunday. But on Wednesday he said he was busy Friday, I asked what he was doing and he said...

  • durand l

you got to get proof of in the pudding do this ask for a day off and follow him sounds crazy but try it if he lying call him out on it but make sure your right.

  • Mamawidsom

The reality is that you have been texting with a guy you don't really know at all. After six months of "dating," you should have met his friends, been to his home, visited his office, etc. If the two of you can't find a weekday evening to go to dinner or hang out and you haven't met the other people in his life or been invited to social events with them, then you may well have reason to worry.

  • history

I think he deserves a social life beyond one person. That having a group of friends and an assortment of activities is very healthy for a person. Maybe you could do other things on your weekends besides always hang with him as well. Likely be good for you and your own friendships.

  • oceanbreeze

could be your expecting two much time from him and he wants to hang out like golfing and doing other things. It doesn't mean he's cheating or losing interest. Fine some other interest of your own or a girl friend movie night or something

  • ash

no Ive been there as well. I am still going through this now. Thats the thing about long distance relationships in that you can never really check up on the person to see if he's telling the truth, you should let it be and wait a bit until he actually gives you a real reason.

  • Janet

So your REAL relationship is only a few weeks old. The previous "long-distance relationship" was NOT a relationship. 90% of relating is through NON-verbal cues that you can only pick up on when together in person.