Question #47723

How many aunts and uncles do you have?

I have an aunt from my dad's side and 4 uncles from my mom's, my mom is the only girl out of her siblings. How about you?

  • ?

6 aunts and seven uncles

  • Dancing Imu

I have four uncles and four aunts.

  • Pearl L

one aunt and one uncle

  • ?

Ive got two uncles from my mums side, and 3 aunties and 5 uncles from my dads side (they are all my dads half siblings)

  • ?

I have a total of 4 uncles and 2 aunts.

  • J.R

My family isn’t really that big. A total of 3 uncle and 3 aunts.

  • Anonymous

no idea, never met any as my parents were in the witness protection program

  • The Fast Bowler

I had two aunts from my father’s side but I never met them.My mother was an only child

  • Kansas Z

I have a total of 28 aunts and uncles. Both my mom and dad come from large families and have 8 brothers and sisters each and all but 4 of them are married.

  • Anonymous

6 in total