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Should Trump renew DACA and trust congress to secure the border, later?

  • Philip H

Trump wants Congress to do their job. DACA is not a properly crated Law and therefore can't be properly enforced or adjudicated. That is Why he did His job and revoked it giving Congress more than enough time to do Their job. But as usual, Congress Failed.

  • ?

Trump is hitler and its to late to win the lanitno voter with all the racist comnents trump made

  • Anonymous

Secure the border and do it before we lose this war. And it IS a war. I constantly have trouble with Latino gang-members who don't give a damn about this neighborhood, area or even the whole country. They tattoo themselves head to foot including their faces, date 13 or 14 year olds (that's literally just fine where they're from, I've heard many times. Every time I drive to work, there's new filthy ugly graffiti all over buildings, apartments, basically, wherever they can put graffiti.

  • Athena


  • Anonymous

Trump should resign and trust Congress won't throw his orange, wrinkly butt in prison, later.

  • Bob

Trump said he wanted a clean DACA Bill, but of course, that was "Before" so that doesn't mean anything does it?

  • ?

Let's examine what that entails. Cost estimates for the wall vary greatly. Here are some relevant estimates, as chronicled by news publication Quartz.

  • Kristine16

This is when THE DEMOCRATS showed their true feelings. They could care less about illegals.And I mean LITERALLY.