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Art lovers why are no or few famous European paintings of brown people, as brown people have been in Europe always?

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There has always been "brown" people in Europe but if you look around you'll notice that they've been in the minority arriving in drips and drabs and so they get absorbed into the population if they stay. That's how you get perfectly "white" looking families in port cities like Liverpool with sickle cell anemia. When you think of how few people in history ever had their likeness committed to posterity, virtually none of the middling - poorer ranks of society, and how many of the paintings of the past have been lost (ie destroyed) it's to be expected that there are very few surviving portraits of "brown" people.

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europe trash BROWN SUPERIOR

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I am an artist. I paint people. I paint and draw the people in my family, among friends and in my community.

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Brown people are not from Europe, traditionally. Why aren't any of the Egyptian pictures in pyramids BLONDE? Or blondes depicted in Asian paintings?