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Does this mean anything? Does he like me?

there’s this guy that goes to my school and his very attractive and nice. I don’t know him at all or his name but when i sit outside for lunch with my friends, he will stare only at me when his passing by or when or he goes on break and his going back inside, he would stare at me not for long and he’ll say hi. I...

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You're BOTH Scared and Inexperienced.

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I been told this is not what girls want to hear, but there's basically a bunch of different levels of attractiveness, probably mostly based on looks for guys, but there are other factors, personality, how sexy they are, how annoying they are, how high maintenance they are, etc. Your best bet is just to talk to guys and ask them what they really think, and then don't jump down their throat when they tell you what they really think. I mean I know girls are kind of sensitive and stuff, but you know half of the thing for me is them just being easy, easy to get along with, easy to fit into your life, and easy to get in bed. I mean, there's more to it than that, but I'd suggest if you want a guy, who's in your sort of league, (which may not be what you think it is), then just go up to him and talk to him, flirt a bit.