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Advice on how to stop searching for crappy boyfriends and making myself unhappy?

I've had a pretty tough life. I was the victim of incest as a child. My parents were really wealthy but emotionally unavailable and blamed me for the abuse. When I was 15 I tried to go on my first date with a male friend who ended up raping me. When I was 18 I was almost raped. I've had a lot of guys take...

  • Old Hand time you are in a place with guy and find yourself attracted to a guy, look at the guy next to him that you are ignoring.

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I would stop dating for a while ! Travel for fun on your own! And give a good guy a chance! Pick a guy you would nvr date! I’m sure u know a few rn! So think of a guy who u don’t like! Bc he’s weird or not good looking or wtv and tell him u want to chill! And go watch a movie or something! Don’t have sex with him but continue to hangout with him and possible other true nice guys !