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Splitting money between a couple?

A couple that has been together for 6 yrs and has one child go buy tires. One person in the couple (the main driver) pays 100 dollars. The other person pays 300 dollars for the tires making the total 400 for the tires. It is later found out that the person who paid 300 dollars actually won 4 thousand dollars the...

  • Netti4444

Doesn't matter how much he won, but you should have split the tires equally if the car is both of yours.

  • ?

The main driver needs to pay more since they’re the main driver.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Since you never mentioned marriage, I assume this is a boyfriend girlfriend thing? If so, now you're starting to see why it's a bad idea to create a "family" with a babydaddy and babymama. It's even worse that you're barely communicating with each other. By the time a couple has a baby and even lives together, the handling of finances should be fully talked through (along with lots of other major issues).

  • Old Hand

Is this couple married?

  • ?

Well I think the split is pretty good but I would tell the other person that I won 4K! Probably wouldn’t bring up the tires!

  • Torchbug

It's my opinion that all resources in a family should be pooled together for the benefit of all. It's not MY $300 and YOUR $100 that paid for the tires, it's OUR $400 that paid for the tires. Along the same lines, it's OUR $4000 that was won, and the money should be used for the family -- whether that means paying bills, buying tires, getting a new swing set for the child, going on a shopping spree, or whatever the family decides together.

  • Anonymous

When you don't bother to get married, you're not entitled to much of anything. One person is under no obligation to give the other squat.

  • Anonymous

They are a couple, why would they pay for anything that way?

  • No Mercy

in my family all the money are ours, so there is no your money my money. if i won the lottery i would put it on my bank account and if my husband ever needed money i would give it to him. but he would pay for the tires on my car. and if he won the lottery he would put money on his bank account and spend it ON US or on OUR HOUSE or on OUR CARS