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Why do I feel confused?

Well first of I am 15 and my my stepfather wants to adopt me. My stepfather has been my real dad ever since I was 4 and Hes the only fatherly figure that I i have ever had. My biological father never was part of mylife, even thought I went to visit him 2 times in my life. Well I only have my mothers last name, and...

  • Anonymous

First, I hope you realize your reaction is completely understandable. In fact, I think your question are good ones The other thing that makes a lot of sense is that you're happy with the way things are right now. Most sane people don't jump into major changes if they like what they have now! Even the name change is a big deal.

  • Lieutenant Uhura

It's normal to be apprehensive about change. Your stepdad sounds like an understanding guy, why not just have an honest conversation with him and tell him about your concerns. If he's a good guy, he cares about your feelings.

  • Tepee

Yes I think you are over-analyzing and comparing too many factors which is confusing you. Stop relating your situation to others and just follow your heart. He has been your 'father figure' and you seem to have no valid reasons for not allowing him to make you his legal daughter. You should grant his request so you can feel you have a complete family.

  • fireflyfliesby

If I accept the adoption, then would it mean that I would forget my biological father and his family forever?

  • Pearl L

i would let him adopt you, it dont mean you cant see your biological family

  • Jiraiya The Gallant

Don't take your step fathers last name.