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My boyfriend won't stop talking about his sex life with his ex. What should I do it is bugging me so much.?

When I am trying to get him to *** (because he is having a hard time getting off) he keeps bringing up his sex life with his ex and he keeps picturing him and her doing stuff and saying her name out loud when im sitting right there trying to help him. And he tells me he still wants to eat his ex out and lick her...

  • Onlooker

Your boyfriend is an idiot. If you want to be with an idiot, that's certainly you're right, but it's also your right to tell him that if he ever brings up sex with his ex again, you'll be an ex too.

  • vivienne

U re not good enough for him, he is still into her and is using u as a rebound and free sex. Dump the loser, find the one who will be in live with u

  • naughtydogg70

Does the husband you had 15 minutes ago know about your boyfriend? You suck as a troll.

  • BeatriceBatten

So tell you him you don't like it.