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What would you think of someone if they told you this?

if a guy only uses a girl for sex and always ask her ti hang and she says no then finally says “I’m good id rather be with someone thats only interested in me” what would be your first thoughts or thoughts on her

  • Tad Dubious

I would think she finally came to her senses.

  • John P

She has woken up to reality, and wants a better life.

  • Pearl L

i would think shes right for saying that

  • Tommy G.

I would think if anybody of any gender told me they were interested in people who interested the person who originally said things like "not your type" that they are obsessed with people that are physically pretty or look a tad bit like themselves as a lover of an opposite gender.

  • Trash Bag Raider

The girl is being USED! there are some relationships like that called "fùck buddies" or "friend with benefits" do you really want to be with a man who just wants you for sex doesnt care about your feelings and just throws you away when hes done. There's a word for that its called being a prostitute. Dump that person and find a nice guy. Trust me there out there.

  • Hurricain

I'd think she finally wised up and stopped allowing herself to be used. Good on her.

  • Anonymous

That she still wants someone to use her for sex but to only be having sex with her and not a bunch of other people

  • Anonymous

She made a good decision.

  • naughtydogg70

She shouldn't put herself in a position to be used.

  • ?

u go girl!