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Everytime i approach my mother about her alcohol addiction she walks away and ignores me.?

My mother has been an alcoholic for many years now. It has really affected our relationship to a point where we’re fighting on a regular routine. All she ever drinks is beer, she gets drunk nearly every night. She then verbally abuses everyone in our house, mostly me. I’m nearly of the legal age to move out but...

  • Pearl L

you might not be able to convince her to stop drinking , all you can do is pray she does, also going to those al anon meetings might help you out to talk to others that are going thru the same things you are

  • Sean Roberts

The first symptom of alcoholism is always denial: “I only drink beer”, “I only drink on weekends”, “I can still handle my job”, “I never drink during the day. I only drink at night.”, “My drinking is none of your business.” The excuses go on and on. Alcoholics restructure reality so that they believe they don’t have a problem. They believe everyone else around them has the problem.

  • ?

You can't. My husband's mother was an alcoholic, drank from sunup to sundown. Nothing was ever her fault, and everyone else was worthless. He'd get mad after enough verbal abuse (months to years) and yell, she'd cry and swear to stop drinking. Not even a week would pass, and she'd be hitting the bottle again.

  • Lib.rare.ian

Attend Al-Anon or Alateen meetings in your area to get help with coping with your alcoholic parent.