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My recruiter told me since i only qualified for 8 jobs for the Airforce, do I need to retest or can I pick from them?

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Anecdotal reports in online forums set up to assist the afflicted describe the odour as ranging from 'old sponge' and 'wet dog' to 'mildew.' ... The result is her hair is divided into partings all over head and her scalp is very exposed; it is greasy, flaky and yes, it smells bad. In fact, it looks quite sore to me.

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See a doctor u guess. That is really not normal. Youre sure they are not messing with you? Could be a fungal or scalp infection.

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  • Arimatthewdavies

Pick one of the jobs when you get in the Air Force you'll be eligible for college training be happy to get in

  • USAFisnumber1

You can pick from the jobs that are open. If all they need out of the eight is Security Guard then you get to pick that one.

  • Lindseys AdviceBox

You can pick from any of those 8 jobs. If you want a different job, retest.

  • Goose

Well, did they tell you that you have to pick from the 8 jobs you qualify for or not?

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I would check my self and see what the actual requirements for each job is. Take a look at your Total ASVAB line scores and add them all up. Know each Category and the score from each one. Then look at the Air Force Web page that shows you the requirements (ASVAB Score) for each and all of the Air Force Jobs. Recruiters have a Tendency to lie because they have a Quota to fill certain jobs.

  • jeeper_peeper321

if you scored high enough to enlist, most recruiters will not take you back to take the asvab test again

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You aren't going to retest.

  • OwlTrading

take the asvab over if possible