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Fill holes in chipboard?

One of my shelves has broke off completely, causing large holes to form where the screws were located. Ive glued the shelf back into place, however I was wondering what the best way to fill the holes would be?

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You CANNOT USE A WATERBASED FILLER.(if it washes up with water it is water based) The strength is gone. Replace the board. Or if you still have the pieces put them back in and then cut a 6 inch wide board the full depth of the shelf and glue it down over the top of the whole thing It had too much weight is why it broke. It needs more pins with pilot holes drilled first.

  • Grandpa

Particle board is not worth repairing. I would get a new piece of plywood to replace it and use solid wood cleats held in place with wood screws in place of the original hardware. The shelf was obviously used to support more load than the original design would allow for.

  • Richard D

I second the idea of getting a piece of wood cut to the exact size and painting it white.

  • Jim W

Not possible to patch that problem. The sawdust will just break out again. I suggest lay a couple of wood strips on each end of the shelf and screw them to the shelf. Ugly but much stronger than the sawdust. Too much weight on the shelf causes this to happen and a couple of wood strips about 1/2 inch thick and 2 inches wide from the front to the back on top could be glued in place and screwed from the bottom should support the shelf.

  • Spock (rhp)

plastic wood. nothing will take much force here, so be prepared for that. if you MUST reinforce the shelf for strength, the way to do that is with two lengths of threaded rod running underneath the entire shelf and through the end walls to fender washer and cap nut on each end.

  • y

If I was trying to prolong the life or that, i would use Spackle and then paint the entire thing. Eventually it will fail again, I hate that crap.

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Get a tube of elmers white wood filler. That will work.

  • unu

I had a nice bookcase I just threw out due to that issue.


Chip board isn't worth fixing.

  • Karen L

Wood filler, then paint