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I just randomly stopped being as funny?

Throughout 7 and 8th grade in middle school I was really funny, and would make everyone laugth, but ever since I started going to a new School for highschool, I feel kind of boring, and not As funny.

  • Amaretta

Perhaps your audience matured and what was funny at age twelve isn't as a funny at fourteen.

  • Gryphyn39

That's puberty. Your body is in flux, your hormones are running wild. This causes your mood to swing. Happens to everyone. And you are realizing life is not what you thought it was.

  • ?

Welcome to adulthood my boy

  • TardisAndTheHare

When I got old I stopped being funny, but I had to give up old age because it was bad for my health, so I'm funny again.

  • BajunaJewelry

Don't worry about it! Just be natural and don't force it. You might be a little nervous in a new school and not used to the new personalities. Relax. Just be a good listener and friend. As you get to know your new friends you will soon find your natural talent kicking in again. It's all about just relaxing.

  • ?

That's because going to a new school will put stress on you an you won't feel like your old self. You also don't know anyone as well as you did in the old school an that will change you. So give it time an you will be your old self

  • Bob

Well, maybe you can take up a new talent, like dancing, or cooking, or singing, or sports.

  • Anonymous

Its called....maturity?