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Need to write a huge essay till tomorrow. Do not have free time to complete it. Can you give me some advise?

  • billymcdowell0

You could always start by learning to spell.

  • yaspizza

I'm a bored intellectual. Just tell me the theme of your essay and toss me your email address and I'll get to work:)

  • Sam Spayed

No-Doze, plus stop wasting time on Y!A and get to work?

  • Joe W

My advice would be

  • The Fast Bowler

My advice is to advise you to spell advice with a C.

  • Motor Breath

Don't waste time reading this answer for a start, it will just cause you to have even less time to complete the aforementioned essay. The time is now 12:55 I finish work at 1:30, I'm basically sitting here typing this to make it look like I am busy while also killing time. I have drank 3 cups of tea today, though that's technically not true as I use a travel mug at work so I guess that means I've had 3 mugs of tea today. The sun is shining but its very windy. Lastly I'd just like to thank you all for coming together this afternoon and reading my answer, well I guess that's all I have to say about that.....

  • ?


  • geezer

I cannot believe that you were only given one day to write a "huge essay"

  • Gryphyn39

You are just going to have to take responsibility for waiting until the last minute. If there is no time then you don't have a choice. Accept the fail and move on.

  • Anonymous

copy past then paraphrase