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Should I home school or public school my senior year of high school?

I've been home schooled pretty much all my life except for 2 years in a private school, I'm worried I will not have the social or academic needs for college, I'm also concerned about missing out on high school events like graduation and ect. I also love volleyball and have wanted to play on a team for a...

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I know many students come into middle school and the first year of high school after being homeschooled and the transition is usually a bit rocky. Academically, homeschooled students usually do really well in all subjects. If you want to get something accredited, then public or online schooling can be a better option. Why don't you try online high school? My son also completed his high school from Online schooling is a great option.

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Yes, attend public school! Prom will be the greatest memory of your high school. :-)

  • Tavy

You need to get out and socialise . Home schooling makes kids introverted and they are useless in the world of work.

  • Intrinsic Random Event

I think that public school would be a good thing to experience. But, if we're talking about your final year of high school, then it would probably be too late to make such a radical change to what you are used to.