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Only a month left to graduation and failing ..any advice ?? I feel like giving up?

  • Amaretta

If you can't ace your exams or do whatever you need to do to graduate, then you accept that you'll have to repeat the work and do another semester of college in order to graduate. You don't give up on yourself and you don't give up on college. You just persevere until you earn your degree. There are plenty of students who take 5-6 years (or more) to finish their degrees.

  • ctsmrvn

The smart thing to do is visit the guidance counselor. If there is any way to save the situation, the counselor will know what it is. The choices which the counselor can offer you will be based on experience, knowledge of your transcript, understanding of the school district rules, and awareness of the options available to you. The few minutes it will take to visit the counselor and get trustworthy information will be worth your effort. If you don't hear anything helpful, you can always "give up" later, but giving up before you know exactly what's happening doesn't seem a wise choice.

  • ?

Study harder