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Should I do housework or go back to sleep?

  • ?

drink until you forget. jk dont do that

  • A.W.E.S.O.M. - O

Get a new girlfriend or get a cat

  • Anonymous

just forget

  • Richard D

Get up and do the housework. Then go back to sleep and you will sleep well.

  • Pearl L

thats up to you, do whatever you want but the housework aint going to get done by itself

  • Weasel McWeasel

seems like a no brainer.........I'm about to drop myself. Really tired.

  • bluebellbkk

Tell yourself you'll do exactly 15 minutes of housework and go back to bed afterwards.

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  • Daniel

You should do your Housework its not gonna do it Self and you cant Escape from it forever just get it Done so you dont have to worry about it

  • daljack -a girl

Go back to sleep....the housework will be there when you wake up.

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  • tuesday

If you are tired then go back to sleep, but, if you have lots of energy you should do thee housework.


If it is early and would disturb another do not do housework but go to sleep