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The chance that the top card in the deck is a heart or a diamond given that the fourth card from the top is a face card is (-----) ?

  • 🇨🇴Ben🇨🇴

Mm nope

  • PoohBearPenguin

Most companies won't tell you if you didn't get the job. There's no point, and it's actually a legal liability for them.

  • ?


  • Nevermind.

i have in the past but they use it against you.

  • lovee


  • Anonymous

If you do it anonymously - otherwise it’ll hurt you. I don’t get mad if they don’t hire me, but I get mad if they won’t even tell me I wasn’t hired.

  • Mama Kimama

You can, but it might come back to bite you one day. It's smarter to keep a low profile. That way, you don't burn any bridges behind you, and you don't get blacklisted.

  • yay

You can, but I really wouldn't advise that you do, since it's only going to seem like sour grapes on your part.

  • Land-shark

How petty. Why let them make it harder to get your next job?

  • Mrs. Frankenstein

I mean you could, but it's very childish and really just proving WHY they didn't hire you in the first place. So what? Move on and apply somewhere else.

  • Lee

Of course. Just give them 1 star on Facebook/Google.

  • ?

It's the right idea, obtaining exactly one diamond and obtaining exactly two diamonds are exclusive events, so we sum their probabilities. However, the calculation of P ( 1 D ) is buggy (the formula you use is the probability of picking a diamond with one card,

  • LegFuJohnson

Why would the 4th card being a face matter?

  • ?

Assuming the deck is shuffled, then the chance is 1/2 or 50%, since the fourth card from the top does not matter.