Question #95

Getting from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 at London Heathrow?

My flight to London arrives at 15.15 and my flight to Manchester leaves at 16.15 which makes me think I should be there at least by 15.40.

  • ?

One hour between arrival and departure is nowhere near enough.

  • Marty

you should keep at least two hours in hand

  • zafir

You have nowhere near enough time to get to Terminal 3, let alone your next flight! If you are coming in on an International flight you will need to go through Passport Control and Customs at Terminal 5. You must then get the train to Terminal 3 - trains run every 15 mins and travel takes 20 mins. Once at Terminal 3 you must go through security and then find your Departure Gate. You need at least 2 hours, preferably more, between the exoected arrival and departure times. And remember that planedo arrive late or get held up before or once on the ground if the airport is busy or weather is bad.

  • oldprof

You do not...not...have plenty of time. You'll be lucky to make that Manchester flight. You are going from international to domestic flying. I think you'll need to go through another security line and you might even be required to collect your luggage after the first flight.

  • Diane A

Yes but get to the underground which runs beween terminals fast